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Patient Participation Group Report 2014 – 2015

Moorlands Surgery Patient Participation Group was established several years ago and has continued to meet every two months during April 2014 and March 2015.
The PPG has thirteen members and is always keen to recruit new members and promotes its work via the Practice website and their own notice board. During 2014-15 three new members were recruited to the Group
Notes from all of the PPG meetings can be found on the Practice website. At meetings information from the Family and Friends test, National GP Survey and patient survey comments are discussed.
The Group has considered many issues and made recommendations regarding the services provided by the surgery and helped inform the Practices five year plan. Details of all actions and discussions can be found in the minutes of each of the PPG meetings.
The Group has been instrumental in developing the Practice Patient Survey and Questionaire. The results of the Survey can be found on the Practice website
The Group identified many items and issues to be considered during the year including, agreeing promotional ideas for the Practice Nursing Team and Practice Booklet, SystmOnline information and booking services, repeat prescribing system and process and the clinical triage system.
Three key areas discussed and actions undertaken were as follows:

Key Areas for Action

Actions taken in place and planned

Accessibility to services
  • Walk in Blood clinic service established providing better and more appropriate access for patients
  • Additional Nurse Practitioner appointed. This provides additional appointments for patients
  • Two additional salaried GP appointed This provides additional appointments for patients
  • The Practice is considering employing a further salaried GP and/or a Practice Pharmacist to increase appointment access and services available to patients
  • Partaking in the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund Access Initiatives to enable patients to have greater access to appointments and advice
  • Implementation of clinical triage system to ensure patients receive the correct service at the most appropriate time
  • Direct access to a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner for children under 5
  • PPG has requested that a formal DNA policy be drafted and approved by the Practice for 2015-16 to improve patient awareness and reduce clinical time wasted.

Patient Survey and Publicity
  • Discussed and agreed that the Patient Survey should be repeated frequently to continually collect information from patients.
  • Patient Survey was carried out twice in 2014-15.
  • The survey will be repeated twice again during 2015-16 to inform practice plans.
  • The content of the questionnaire will be agreed by the PPG.
  • Agreement to include the Family and Friends test within the survey to gain better coverage.
  • Redesigned Patient Information Booklet to provide better information to patients.
  • Implementation of a comments and suggestions book in reception area to capture patient experiences to inform Practice plans and services.
  • The Practice have provided additional customer care training to staff in response to issues raised.
  • Patient Liaison Team members will attend future PPG meeting to improve patient and staff communication.
  • A Patient Newsletter will be introduced during 2015-16.

Premises Improvements
  • To improve services for visually impaired patients all signage within the practice has been replace appropriately
  • Posters have been displayed advising patient s that a quiet area for confidential discussion with reception staff can take place.
  • The Practice is considering providing music in waiting areas
  • All notice boards have been replaced and are regularly updated to ensure patient s have appropriate and up to date information.
  • In order to improve patient confidentiality the Practice is considering changes to reception areas.
  • Consideration is being given to providing additional clinical space in portakabins adjacent to the main surgery building.
  • Dedicated Nurse Team notice board to help inform patients about services available and alternative access points for care.
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